Sweet Anna Grace

Sweet Anna Grace

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

I cannot believe Anna Grace has started Kindergarten! Time really does fly by. This begins a new chapter of her life. I pray that Anna Grace will show God's love as she meets her new teachers and friends.

Anna Grace wasn't very excited about waking up so early...she likes to sleep late. But, she managed to get ready and even have time for an episode of her favorite cartoon, Curious George. Here are a few pics.

Ha ha, she was saying cheese!

Daddy's girl

She is my little angel

Big Girl!

Brad and I took her to school together. She seemed to have mixed emotions. She was excited but a little anxious too. I did shed a few tears as we walked out of the school. Oh, Father, please hold her hand. Be her protector and her guide. Give her peace when she is frustrated or scared. Help her to build relationships with friends and teachers. Please give her teachers patience and understanding. She is IN YOU HANDS. In Jesus name, Amen.

Here are a few more pics from her day:

She picked out her backpack by herself. We were online shopping and she really wanted this pink one.

We are here. Mrs. Saucier's room.

She is already being a helper.

Looks like Anna Grace missed Rainbow, her puppy, while at school.


  1. Loved this post of your sweet girl! I had to laugh when you said she doesnt like to get up early. it made me think about having to go wake her up in the mornings because she would sleep so late!! She looks so precious in her little uniform!

  2. So precious. We love you, Anna. Grace!

  3. I can't believe she already starting school. What a precious blog about her first day...LOVED that pink backpack! And the pic of her with her puppy...adroable! Love all of y'all!